Hardwood Solutions - Quality Solutions for Your Flooring Needs
  • Removal of old flooring (including carpet, hardwood, laminate, tile, linoleum and all applicable sub-floors
  • Cleaning and levelling subfloor to ensure it complies with new flooring manufacturer`s specifications
  • Removal of old trim, neccessary doors, toilets etc.
  • Moving furniture - we usually work as a pair and are able to move most large furniture
  • Installation new subfloor when needed
  • Garbage hauling - we always remove all garbage from the jobsite unless otherwise agreed upon
  • Installation of new flooring (hardwood, laminate or engineered wood)
  • Re-install of existing baseboard when needed
  • Can install new baseboard if specified
  • Re-hanging of all doors
  • Re-install of toilets etc.
  • Full post construction cleaning when specified
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